Sunday, November 6, 2011

Decorating: Coffee tables

We need a new coffee table. We have a seating area in our bedroom that's perched right under a new skylight, and we have a low, circular pine coffee table that has a pedestal bottom. Too bad it's too big for the middle of the living room, cause I love it. These images totally motivate me to find the perfect coffee table and adorn it with all kinds of beautiful books, trays and flowers.

This is absolutely awesome! One of my favorites!

I love these little jade dishes, so perfect.

Everything in this photo is my idea of complete perfection. If I could wish a living room together, this would be it. From the table, to the tray, to the flowers, skull and modest sofa. But my ultimate fav is the rug! Totally in love, totally my taste!

This rug is epic. Such vivid beautiful colors.

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