Thursday, November 10, 2011

Home sweet Home

Holy crap. I'm in love with this adorable surf shack. THIS IS MY DREAM HOUSE. A fantastic little salt box decorated with amazing, colorful, crazy eclectic mix of patterns and collection of fun little knick knacks from the beach. The yard? Omg, just as awesome as the house! I am in looooove with all the lanterns in the tree. My husband and I have a huge oak in our yard and have been wanting to do this exact same thing, with a fire pit to chill by with drinks and friends. So, I WANT TO HIJACK THIS PLACE. This is exactly why I left the city!

Perfect, perfect, perfect, perfect!!! I'm so inspired to spruce up our little surf shack. Don't you wanna go relax here?

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  1. I am officially in love with this place too. It is so adorable and the colors are amazing.

  2. im in love with all the colors too! so bright and fun! i want to steal this house

  3. wowwwww the outside is amazing i would be there all the time <3