Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Luxurious leather floors

Check out these awesome leather floor mats created using recycled leather belts offered by TingAround $75 a square foot, each belt is hand selected to ensure a high grade of leather, after which belts are cleaned, also by hand, with chemical free substance and prepared for use. The belts are then shaved, so all are the same width, and finally they are laid carefully onto a reconstituted leather backing applied with a water-based glue.
Each tile is carefully designed in-house, as the color and patterning on every belt is unique. This means no two tiles will ever be the same. This product is all hand made in the UK by a highly skilled team.
When laid parquet-style, they have a character and warmth strikingly similar to that of hardwood flooring - a quality that only improves with age.
How luxurious would this look used as a table or bar top?

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  1. can i get the fixing details of this flooring please!