Saturday, September 17, 2011

Friendship bracelets

These are awesome. They're like the grownup more glamorous version of the bracelets my friends and I use to sit down and make at recess in the school yard in 6th grade. What is there not to love about how fun and sparkly they are? It's one of those things you wish you would have thought of first, isn't it? Some are sold for over $400! Dammit, if only I'd thought of this first, that's a month's rent!

They definitely brighten up your day! They look fantastic with a shmoregusberg of gold bangles and chains. I've been coveting a rose gold Michael Kors watch for way too long and I have yet to splurge on it, but I think these would be a perfect match with it.....just one more argument I'll ponder over painfully before I have the balls to spend way to much on the watch.

Bonne journée mes chéries!

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