Saturday, September 17, 2011

Hair Tinsel

Ok, so I use to be compulsive about my hair. And I don't mean in an anal every-strand-has-to-be-perfect way. I mean I use to get bored, compulsively. I'm not that bad anymore, but I've died my hair every color I could think of. And I'd cut it myself if I was sick of how it looked. Like I'd be watching tv or just browsing the internet at 3am (side note: I have a little case of insomnia) and if I saw a girl with bangs that I thought looked really cute, I'd go grab a pair of scissors from the kitchen and cut myself some bangs. In hopes of not suggesting I'm too neurotic, I chalk it up to middle-of-the-night-inspiration. I'm sure a lot of you have that, yes? Anyway, so I've been feeling the hair-boredom creeping up lately. Which in my defense is pretty good considering I haven't even died my hair since I got married in MARCH. That's like, forever. So, whilst being totally over the feather phase, which I saw somewhere online last summer and although I LOVED it back then, neglected to try it out, and low and behold a year later they're everywhere and everyone is f---ing sick of them, I found this:

Holy poop! It's fricken gorgeous. I'm so sad I have black hair right now and that I looked washed out and sad as a blond or I'd be rockin' this tomorrow. I'm sure it has the potential to look entirely juvenile or ghetto liscious if it's done wrong, but these looks are so subtle and brilliant:

So I googled a how to and 30 seconds later I ordered some, before 10 months go by and I see it everywhere and am over it before I get to try it. The website doesn't recommend you try it on your own as it's almost impossible to do by yourself. But being one to do ridiculous sh-t to my hair with no prior experience whatsoever, including cutting it myself, I went ahead and ordered some in blackberry  grape. I have black hair, so hopefully it's subtle. For $13 I got a pack of one hundred 36'' strands. Apparently it can last up to 6 weeks. . I'll let you know how it goes!

A demain mes amis!

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