Sunday, September 18, 2011

Karishma Shahani

OMG, how fun is this collection? I'm in love with all the colors and textures. How awesome are all the different layers of delicious vibrant contrasts? If everyone would dress like this everyday, how much brighter and more fun would the world be?

 All from Karishma Shahani's final-year collection, Yatra,  at the London College of Fashion. "My work is a representation of all that inspires me. 3 dimensional creations that resonate cultural and social inspirations predominantly form the basis of my influences. Colours, textures and crafts are three aspects I enjoy exploring. Passion to create and learn new things are factors that drive me toward achieving my goals." The vivid and electric hues are sublime and were recreated through natural methods of dyeing, I'm absolutely loving the garments Indian influence.  Each piece is kinda simple, but when layered with different colors and textures creates something totally beautiful and charming. Yummmm!

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