Saturday, September 17, 2011


Bonjour les amis!
Well this isn't the best start to a brand new post, I just spent a good hour tweaking my text and somehow fucked it all up when I tried to delete a picture with this new laptop I'm not use to yet. DAMMIT!

Anywho. Let's start over shall we? So, I've finally decided to leap into the blogging sphere. I've been thinking about it for 6 years. But with a lack of time to attempt a non-half-assed blog, a piece of shit laptop and an unreliable wireless network I was high jacking from my neighbor,  I never had enough audacity to submit everyone in my vicinity to the rage that would no doubt ensue. So thanks to hurricane Irene's swell swallowing the only road on and off the island I live on with my husband, thus propelling this tourism fueled island into off-season (albeit much welcomed), I figured what better timing? Did I mention the missing highway means it'll be another month or so before we can get off the island? So this blog will hopefully keep me busy enough to distract me from my impending cabin fever and boredom induced shenanigans, like teaching my cats to wear Aladdin pants and like it, hence probably save my marriage by preventing me from submitting my husband to my stupid bullshit and ridiculous show-and-tell like projects (but more dumb) and inadvertently driving him insane.

So, with plenty rain for the next few days, it'll give me plenty of time to get a great caffeine high going and learn how to share everything I find inspirational, fun and just pretty with you, and hopefully make you like it.

Until then, au revoir!!

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