Monday, September 19, 2011


Here are some of Kenzo's 2011 and previous campaigns. I love the colors and styles of the campaigns. Kenzo Takada is a Japanese designer. He is also the founder of Kenzo, a worldwide brand of perfumes, skincare products and clothes. Kenzo's love for fashion developed at an early age, particularly through reading his sisters' magazines. He shortly attended the University of Kobe, where he felt bored and eventually withdrew, against the will of his family. In 1958, he joined a fashion school, Tokyo's Bunka Fashion College, which had then just opened its doors to male students. After earning his diploma, he settled in Paris in 1964. He was trying to gain a place in the fashion environment; attending shows, making contacts with the media and selling sketches.

 Kenzo's first designs started because he could only afford to buy his fabrics from flea markets. As a result, Kenzo had to mix many bold fabrics together to make one garment. Kenzo's success started in 1970: during this year he presented his first show at the Vivienne Gallery; his first store, "Jungle Jap" was opened; and one of his models appeared in the cover of ELLE. His collection was presented in New York and Tokyo in 1971.

They're so inspiring. I love the desert shots!!! I'd take pretty much all the dresses!


  1. So cute! Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog :) Your blog is very lovely, keep up the great work!
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  2. love it! love the colors and patterns <3

  3. Awww thank you Giovanna! and your very welcome. loved your blog, your too sweet! :)