Monday, September 19, 2011

Viviane Sassen In Bloom

How fun must it have been to do this Viviane Sassen shoot for Dazed Digital? Prancing around in fields of perfectly bloomed flowers in delightfully light fluffy and ruffled fabrics in all kinds of bright happy colors? Unless you have terrible pollen allergies, in which case your utterly fucked.

But seriously, wouldn't the world be the happiest place if everyone dressed like this everyday? To do groceries, or go to the office? Wall street would be much more laid back if all the suit monkeys wore multicolored fur, flower print and orange ruffles. Fuck gray tweed and black pinstripes. (I worked in finance in Toronto for 6 years. Never mind dealing with the stressed out clients, the suits were like staring at cloudy rainy days on people all day.)

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