Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Claus Porto

Ever since I was introduced to these soaps by my husband over a year ago, this is the one and only soap I use. I can't go back to anything else. Renowned for their exquisitely scented soaps and candles, Claus Porto is one of the oldest and most prestigious companies in Portugal, founded in 1887 by Ferdinand Claus and Georges Schweder. 

When soaps and perfumes were only within reach of the wealthiest social classes, Ferdinand Claus and Georges Ph. Schweder – two Germans settled in Portugal - established the first national soap and perfumes factory in Oporto, Portugal. Several lines of products were released into the market, fortunately their popularity was so overwhelming that the company was actually honoured with a visit of the King of Portugal, D. Manuel II.

The soaps are produced with 100% natural Karité oil and are grained several times. This gives your skin triple the smoothness and rejuvenation than similar products. This process produces a much more dense product as it doesn't contain as much air, which means it far outlasts similar soaps and never cracks! Depending on how often you use your bar, it can easily last over a month. My mother in law says she gets over a month of use between her, her husband and my 2 little brothers in law.  My husband and I go through them much much faster because we both work in the restaurant industry and we literally sweat our asses off, thus we shower multiple times a day (like 3 times each). Oh, not to mention these soaps far outweigh any cleanser I've ever used, leaving my skin soft and clear of any breakouts (even the hormonal kind). Well worth the money for the best skin I've ever had. Magical I tell you, MAGICAL!

Madrigal Water Lily and Paradise Rose are my absolute favorites. When you shower it fills the house with their lovely scents. Amazing.

Banho is one of my husband's favorites. It has a wonderful citrus verbena scent. We have it as a candle too.

The assorted guest soaps are such a perfect gift idea. They smell so fantastic and the best part is you can get any of them as a candle also.

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