Friday, October 21, 2011

Total Glam

I don't consider myself a very glamorous person. I think I'm more laid back with a penchant for crazy eclectic jewelery, bold patterns, graphic designs and some sparkle and shine thrown in. But the Balmain dresses inspired me to search for images of interiors. In case I ever changed my mind and decided "I'm going all out sexy glam- EVERYWHERE", this is how I wouldn't half ass it:

Wouldn't you just kill a bitch for this closet?

Must haves:
-All gloss all the way
-Ornate, formal details


  1. OMG I didn't even realised that was a closet, I thought it was another room.. It's huge!
    I love those pictures, some of those spaces are gorgeous, my favourite is the first one


  2. i loooove the dark dining room with the zebra rug omg i want it.

  3. Anon- Isn't the wood panelling GORGEOUS in that dinning room?! i love it too!

    Marley- it's a RIDICULOUS closet right?! it's soooooo amazing could you imagine what the rest of the house is like?!