Friday, October 7, 2011

Outfit to room

This stunning photo of Olivia made me want to take everything she was wearing and somehow surround myself with it. I love the chartreuse and electric blue together with the turquoise and pops of orange. Everything about this palette makes me happy:

this is so saturated and opulent. i love it

This is a great example of how you can take inspiration from something very bright  and vibrant and tone it down a tad. the ivory picks up on the lighter stones and the metallic accessories reflect the chain detail of the necklace. the green is picked up with the pretty tulip arrangement.

yes, this one again. i couldn't resist, the colors work so well.

A billion different ways of using the same color combo: electric blue and chartreuse. They play off each other so well don't they? Whether you prefer light, playful and airy or a little more sophisticated and dramatic, there's a photo for pretty much every style.


  1. These rooms are beautiful. My favorite is the table outside. It would be an amazing place to host dinner parties.

  2. i agree! i love outdoor tables with low seating like poufs. it's so casual and intimate. kinda has that "sitting around a campfire as a kid" feel. much more fun!

  3. She's gorgeous, isn't she? This colour combination is too good - perfect for perking up dull days.

    Just discovered your lovely blog, will be following from now on.

    Andrea x

  4. yes i completly agree, she is pretty much perfection. she's got such amazing style, so inspiring! thank you so much for your lovely comment xo!