Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Outfit to room

When I saw this great image from NYFW memories of one of my favorite interiors ever, Nick Olsen's apartment in Domino's November 2006 issue, flooded back to me immediately. I loved it soooooo much it instantly became my entire inspiration for my second apartment in Toronto. {oh how I love you old place} My ex said "WTF? GREEN? WHY?" and I looked at him and said" 'cause... it's fuckin awesome". And with his deep seeded skepticism set aside he quietly let me paint everything green and reupholster our fantastic sofa in navy blue micro-suede.  And he liked it. Points I proudly claimed in my book. Anywho, I digress...

Don't worry room, I still love you and your little angry starfish.

And these rooms! how perfectly similar to the NYFW photo are these? How could you ever go wrong with black, white and that perfect shade of army green? So graphic and different. How many people do you know have an ARMY GREEN living room? ME. That's who, damnit.

I'll take that ice blue espresso maker please, I'd have the most fun making my pumpkin lattes with that pretty thing. Nom nom.


  1. I love green with zebra. It is a little unexpected which makes it perfect.

  2. right! that's why i love it so muh too! especially that army kind of green.