Thursday, October 13, 2011

Gold Watches & Co.

Time for a new damn watch! This is for my beloved Muffin who I adore more than anything, ever. My little sister and I are currently coveting a rose gold watch. Favs include this one by Fossil and this one by Michael Kors. They're so pretty I could vomit. I could also totally be happy with a $26 one from Amazon. No big name, no big price, whatevs. So little homie, here is a reminder of why we want these stupid watches so damn much:

See muffin?!! It's the bungee/rope bracelets we were talking about! heart them

grey and gold is one of the best combos ever.

I think I like the tortoise watch look the most, but I can't decide!

There you have it my darling, as promised, a billion looks of watches. Don't we just want them even more now? So sad. I'm so excited for our bracelet project I could vomit. Je t'aime plus que tout ma petite soeur! Later homefrite <3


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVEEEE omg so jealous of these people J'EN VEUT UN!

    love you dahling <3

  2. Oh this roundup is to DIE for. Totally inspiring me to break out my men's watch I haven't worn in ages. So chic when layered with tons of bracelets. Love!!!

  3. Thank you Camille! took me forever to make the last image, i just got this MAC and still learning to use the apps! glad you like it :)

  4. omg vaness! it's "j'en VEUX un"!! HOLY CRAP I CORRECTED YOUR SPELLING FOR ONCE IN A LIFETIME. this is glorious.

  5. Hi, I love Michael Kors watches, they're so amazing,
    my favourite is the golden one on the second picture starting from the end
    hope you're having a nice weekend


  6. marley, i agree, they're so stylish and classic. i just noticed that almost all of the street style photos except for one are michael kors.
    have a great weekend too :)