Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Emily Henderson

 I love her. I think she's genius. How the hell do you successfully combine some of the style preferences of the couples on her HGTV show Secrets from a Stylist? Like feminine French romance with SPACE ODYSSEY? Wtf? She has this amazing way of managing to see the styles as layers in her head, but she does it beautifully. I wish I had her ability, it would make designing any room in the house whilst combining my husband's taste and mine SO MUCH EASIER. It probably would have saved me a few arguments at Ikea.

She's the only thing I watch on HGTV... actually her and Antonio Ballatore. I love him too, his adorable and his shit is nuts! I actually set both their shows to record and I'm excited come Wednesday night to sit and click play and be able to fast forward all the commercials so I just get to watch the fun stuff happen. Her blog is just as awesome, it also gives you a fantastic glimpse of how much work goes into styling a room for clients. It def takes more time, a-l-o-t more time than a 30 min show would have you believe! Gives you a real look into it, which I love. 

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